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March Reads

Bah, still struggling to get through that much at the moment. Hopefully a wee week off work will get me back on the reading road… Robot – Stanislaw Lem, A Klimowski, D. Schejbal This is a couple of comic-based interpretations … Continue reading

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In lieu of a proper post…

I’ve been busy recently and this has meant that I haven’t finished that many books and those that I have finished I haven’t felt particularly motivated to write about. However, I did read the rather wonderful The Weight of Numbers … Continue reading

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A book a day in March

For no reason whatsoever, I read a book a day this month. So here we are! The 31 books I read. I probably cheated slightly, as I read mostly shorter novels (including a couple of novellas) but the upside of … Continue reading

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Women and the Clarke II

In no particular order, here are my top ten SF/F novels by women written in the past 10 years: Palimpsest – Catherynne M. Valente Keeping it Real – Justina Robson Lavinia – Ursula Le Guin Zoo City – Lauren Beukes … Continue reading

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Women and the Clarke

At the start of October, an interview with 1999 Clarke Award winner Tricia Sullivan provoked a huge and wide-ranging discussion on Torque Control about, initially, the representation of female writers on the short-lists. This broadened somewhat to become a particularly … Continue reading

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