Interment – RJ Barker and Mikko Sovijärvi

Interment is the first part of a trilogy of prose poems, which will be followed by The Social Diary of a Ghoul and The Boy Who Listened in at Doors. Short prose poems, the words are by the excellent of hair RJ Barker and these are illustrated Mikko Sovijärvi, a man of (mostly) fine musical taste.

Here comes an admission followed by a disclaimer.

I’ve been struggling to do something clever with this (plus ça change, eh, dear reader?*). This is no reflection on the quality of the work; on the contrary, I enjoyed it a lot. The poem has an excellent sense of brooding horror which is complemented perfectly by the illustrations.

I feel that I should also note that RJ Barker is a fine fellow who was a great source of chat and hilarity during an unfortunate period of unemployment. So if you wish to take my praise with a pinch of salt, then do so. I hope, though, that someone who fancies a bit of psychological dread topped with some dark, brooding collages would be willing to take a look. You may be surprised. Buy (go on).

*Also, I realise that this makes me a pretentious git. I’m going to say that it is the least of my crimes against good taste.

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