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The City, Not Long After – Pat Murphy

Pat Murphy’s 1988 novel, The City, Not Long After, depicts a world where a plague has wiped out most of the population of the world. The city of San Francisco has become a haven for artists, who leave a peaceful … Continue reading

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Women in SF

I cover a range of books from the shiny new, through to classics and more neglected works of SF. Really, it’s just a reflection of the kind of thing that I’ve been reading. Granted, I don’t cover everything that I’m … Continue reading

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The Mall – S.L. Grey

The Mall is the début of, according to the blurb, of a mysterious genderless figure ‘S.L. Grey’, though the internet tells me that it is, in fact, two South African writers, Louis Greenberg and Sarah Lotz. The novel alternates between … Continue reading

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