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Chekhov’s Journey – Ian Watson

Ian Watson, despite a number of well-received novels to his credit, is an author with whom I am not particularly familiar. He’d come up as a British SF Masterwork on Ian Sales’ blog and, more recently, Adam Roberts has covered … Continue reading

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Orbitsville – Bob Shaw

I recently read Bob Shaw’s Other Days, Other Eyes and although I didn’t think that it was a bad novel, it did have a few problems. The main one being that it didn’t hang together particularly well as a self-contained … Continue reading

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The Revolving Boy – Gertrude Friedberg

I’d never heard of this novel until I noticed it up for sale online. The premise sounded reasonably interesting and it had a couple of positive bits of blurb attached to to the advert for it. So I thought I’d … Continue reading

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The Journal of Nicholas the American – Leigh Kennedy

I was first made aware of this novel in some of the online chat surrounding the lack of well-known works of SF by female writers. It was suggested that it is a fine companion to Robert Silverberg’s (excellent, in my … Continue reading

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Other Days, Other Eyes – Bob Shaw

Bob Shaw’s 1972 novel, Other Days, Other Eyes, concerns the idea of slow glass. This is discovered accidentally when it was found that cars which had been equipped with a new and more heat resistant windshield, were crashing when making … Continue reading

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Zoo City – Lauren Beukes

As you’re probably well aware by now, Zoo City won this year’s Clarke Award. I had intended to write (and, indeed, started) a review of it at the end of last year. For some reason, though, I never finished. As … Continue reading

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