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Thursbitch – Alan Garner

I’d first read and loved novels by Alan Garner over 20 years ago; Red Shift being a particular favourite. I mentionedthat I’d recently re-read (and thoroughly enjoyed) The Weirdstone of Brisingamen. After some Garner love on Twitter, Aishwarya, suggested that … Continue reading

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Morlock Night – K. W. Jeter

Morlock Night is K. W. Jeter’s 1979 sequel to the classic time travel novel, The Time Machine. I’ve always been a little wary of posthumous sequels, and indeed novels written late in an authors life with another (this having read … Continue reading

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Swastika Night – Katherine Burdekin

Originally published in 1937, Katherine Burdekin’s dystopian SF novel depicts a future 700 years hence by extrapolating from the events of her time. In this future, the Axis powers of Nazi Germany and Japan had won a world war and … Continue reading

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Infernal Devices – K. W. Jeter

George Dower has inherited a business from his late father, a watchmaker whose skills extended beyond the manufacture of timepieces. At the opening of Infernal Devices, he is visited by a man described as a ‘mysterious Brown Leather Man’. He … Continue reading

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A book a day in March

For no reason whatsoever, I read a book a day this month. So here we are! The 31 books I read. I probably cheated slightly, as I read mostly shorter novels (including a couple of novellas) but the upside of … Continue reading

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